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About Us


Sentimento Candle Co H.Q. is based in Sydney, Australia, founded by my sister and I, inspired by our mutual, life long obsession with candles, and love of celebrating special moments surrounded by candles and their wonderful aromas! Our candle are made with premium ingredients and have a wonderfully fragrant scent throw whether they are alight or not, so you can enjoy them at all times.


Translated, means “feeling” and we know that aromas can affect how you’re feeling. It’s the feeling of joy and happiness when you get together with friends and family to celebrate moments in time. The hedonistic feeling of surrounding yourself with candles of your favourite scent, taking a long luxurious bath, listening to music, or simply the feeling of joy as you light a candle, kick off your shoes and sit back and relax!

Despite there being many candle companies in existence, we couldn’t find any high quality candles, specifically designed to celebrate the many milestone moments in life. Our candles are created to mark special occasions with fragrant notes and make gift selection easier when you are not sure which fragrances your friend or loved one prefers.

Sentimento Candles are made with only the highest quality ingredients,100% soy wax with cotton wicks and a whole lot of love. 

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

With love & light, Sue & Jane.