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Island Christmas Scented Reed Diffuser

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Island Christmas Scented Reed Diffuser

Fill your home with all of your favourite seaside holiday aromas in one luxurious scented diffuser. This aromatic blend of fresh orange, peppermint, blended with cedar leaf, amber sets a summertime festive mood and is just perfect for sparkly, warm, sea side evenings.

Our classically designed reed diffusers are made with locally sourced, quality ingredients & are triple scented for an exceptional scent throw. The understated, sleek design with natural rattan reeds adds a simple elegance to any interior decor.  

This diffuser effortlessly & continuously adds an inviting scent to any space for up to 8 months. For optimal diffusion use all 10 reeds and flip them once a week or as often as you like. To reduce the scent throw, and prolong the life of the diffuser, remove some of the reeds.