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Special Mum Diffuser Pack

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A special Gift Pack made for a Special Mum! The bright, fresh citrus aromas, with a burst of fresh fig will surround Mum like a warm hug. Let your Mum know how much you love and appreciate all the things she does for you ... even if you have to do it from a distance!


Whats in the pack?

  • Special Mum Scented Reed Diffuser

  • Timber Picture Frame




Reed Diffuser

Our classically designed reed diffusers are made with locally sourced, quality ingredients & are triple scented for an exceptional scent throw. The understated, sleek design with natural rattan reeds adds a simple elegance to any interior decor.  

This diffuser effortlessly & continuously adds an inviting scent to any space for up to 8 months. 

For optimal diffusion use all 10 reeds and flip them once a week or as often as you like. 

To reduce the scent throw, and prolong the life of the diffuser, remove some of the reeds.